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Receptionist Opportunities

Attention! Hard Working, Dedicated, Loyal, Honest and Professional Individuals


Part-Time Receptionist & Service Assistant for Sanor Insurance


We are Salem’s Award Winning Insurance Protection Team Since 1983. We are a family-owned Insurance Agency that has been operating in beautiful downtown Salem, Ohio for 31 years. Our 2000 satisfied clients depend on us to provide ULTIMATE ‘Peace of Mind’ service, knowing their protection needs are being met. We care about our clients and take pride in what we do.

We are an agency that represents multiple insurance companies. As agents, we represent our clients (NOT the company) and work on our client’s behalf “Shopping The Market” saving them BOTH time and money-GETTING them the best VALUE for their insurance dollar.

We have 2 full-time and 4 part-time Outstanding Team Members. We have a “Sales & Service Team Culture” with a never-ending team focus on profitable growth. We work hard at marketing our agency to homeowners and small businesses in our area “asking for the opportunity” to earn their business. We never stop marketing and promoting our agency.

As a direct result, we take many inbound calls per day. Our culture is one of HIGH pressure, teamwork, EXTREMELY fast-paced and “results based”. At Sanor Insurance we RUN through our day-THAT’s why we are hiring more help.

About The Job ..

Part-Time Receptionist, Service Assistant. You will be responsible for answering multiple phone lines, dealing with clients face-to-face, taking payments, qualifying calls and directing to correct department, checking service emails, collecting/stamping/distributing mail, assisting CSRs/Agents, data processing, etc.

You will also be responsible for assisting in processing MOUNTAINS of paperwork. This is very difficult work that requires extreme mental concentration over long periods of time. Our hours are Monday to Friday-9:00am to 5pm (however, you will be working part-time with your number of weekly working hours possibly varying.

The successful candidate will begin a 90-Day Probationary Period (the same for all team members) where you will be paid hourly with NO benefits, NO paid sick time and NO paid vacation. NO previous insurance experience required. We will train and educate the successful candidate on “Our Way of Doing Things”.

After successfully completing the 90-Day Probationary period, you will sit down with our Agency owners for a discussion on your overall performance, strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement moving forward.

If we are satisfied with your performance you may be offered the opportunity of a small increase in pay with the possibility of full-time employment with benefits. Any future pay increases will be based on the VALUE you bring to the business.

Why YOU Would Want To Work Here ...

Part-time position (Flexible Lifestyle)!
UNLIMITED Opportunities To Advance!
Weekends & Nights Off (Quality Lifestyle)!
We Pay For Your Personal Development (Education-Coaching-Training)!
TEAM Social Events (Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Team Outings, Team Lunch Events, Community Volunteer Events)
Family Owned & Operated Since 1983 (we aren’t going anywhere)!
NO Grueling Commute (we support our community and  hire local folks)!!
Positive “Can Do” Work Environment!!

About You ...

This is where you need to be honest with yourself and think about whether this job is right for you ...
Ask a trusted friend or family member if you are the right fit for this job. You are NOT just interested in just “punching a clock” and getting a paycheck-but developing your skills and your career. You are interested in making a positive contribution to a business team and the community it serves. You appreciate the challenges of working in a small business and welcome them as valuable learning and growing opportunities. You understand what it is to work HARD. Also, all applicants will undergo mandatory background and reference checks. WE DON’T LIKE SURPRISES.

So, are you still reading? Great. There's a lot more to say...

Your Skills ...

You need to be computer literate and be able to quickly learn under pressure. As “Director of First Impressions” you are in many cases the first person a prospect or client meets in person from our office,. A first impression is a LASTING impression, therefore, you MUST be professional in appearance, including how you speak and act.

Your Personality ...

It matters-a lot. You are outgoing and confident and you exude energy and enthusiasm. You enjoy people, you enjoy talking to and helping people and you have a knack for motivating and inspiring them with your positive attitude. You are articulate. You have a good sense of humor and a cooperative attitude. You show kindness, empathy, patience and respect for others. You are ethical and honest even when no one is watching. You are punctual. You are able to take constructive criticism and correction without getting defensive or feeling “hurt” and discouraged. You look for solutions to problems NOT excuses. You are an avid learner and extremely resourceful in finding solutions. You are a problem solver-NOT a problem reporter.

Your Work Ethic ..

Since we will be paying you to work this section is extremely important. You enjoy working and are grateful for opportunities to use your God-given talents and skills to make a positive influence and earn a living. You don’t view your job as an interruption of life, but as a natural part of your life.

You understand you are NOT getting paid just for being at work but for how you spend your time at work (ie The value you bring to the business). You understand that the reason the business exists is to make a profit and ALL who work here (team members & owners) must make that their foremost priority.

You are scrupulous about using the time you are getting paid for the purposes of the business, and NOT for the purposes of your personal life (checking emails, texting, surfing internet, Facebook, Twitter, answering personal calls, paying personal bills, spreading gossip, etc.) . Finally, you are cooperative with the decisions that the business owners make, whether they suit you or not.

This may sound harsh to some-but this is our reality. We truly bust our tails at Sanor Insurance, that’s why we need more help. We need someone who will be able to keep up with us. We don’t have the time nor do we enjoy micro-managing you. We will clearly set out our expectations and remind you if you forget or if you fail to meet them. We want you to be part of our team and not just a worker here.  We want to give you autonomy and be free to do the work that you’re getting paid to do.


Finally, Our “We Will NOT Tolerate List” ...

Dishonesty-We will not stand for a hint of it.
Out of Control Ego- There is NO need for it (we are a TEAM at Sanor Insurance)
Negative Attitude-Wrong Line of work.
Laziness-We all work hard here. You will too.
Drama-We don’t have the time or energy-try your community theater instead
People who CANNOT follow instruction.
People who CANNOT manage their time.
Anyone rude or abusive to a client-they are our present and future.
Phoniness- We are direct. You will be too.
People who see problems-not solutions-this is a business about finding solutions to problems!
Whiners & Complainers-Life is too short!


This Job Is NOT For Everyone!

So, these are the “Facts of Life” at Sanor Insurance. If you’re still reading and have NOT been scared off by what I’ve said about working on our award winning insurance team-then carefully follow the instructions below and let us know who you are. *** Remember-when our Insurance agency runs a “Help Wanted” advertisement for any position- we are absolutely SWAMPED with people applying so you need to put your best foot forward.

How To Apply ..

Please mail you resume to: David Sanor, Vice President, Sanor Insurance Agency, Inc. PO Box 746 Salem, OH 44460

NOTE: Please do NOT call, email, fax or visit us at the office to inquire about this job. Just mail you resume as instructed.

Your resume should be accompanied by two (2) personal AND two (2) professional references.

Your resume should be accompanied by a short essay (less than 1 page) on your choice of ONE of the following topics:

-Describe the person (present, past, dead, living) you most admire and why.
-Describe an experience that has been the MOST valuable to you and why.

Note: Applications without references (4) and a completed short essay will NOT be considered.

Thank you for your interest in working with our Award Winning Insurance Protection Team!

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  • "I have been a client of Sanor Insurance for some 25 years plus and find their concern and attentiveness to my insurance needs have been above reproach.
    Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and attentive.
    Thank you for your years of caring for me."

    Rita Joseph O'Leary, Salem, OH

  • "Sanor Insurance has been our family's insurance agency for over 13 years for home, auto and life insurance. Everyone there has always been very helpful,friendly and prompt with any information I've needed. They were extremely helpful after my auto accident last year. It's nice to deal with hometown people who care!!"

    Tonya Tolley, Lisbon, OH

  • "I've been a customer of Sanor Insurance for many years. I have always had courteous, friendly and quick service. Everyone at Sanor Insurance is great, especially Donna Sanor. She is the 'greatest'."

    Alvahn Mondell, Salem, OH

  • "The staff at Sanor Insurance are always approachable and committed to serve our needs. They are friendly and courteous."

    Karen Bulford, Salem, OH

  • "We have had our home and auto insurance with Sanor Insurance for years. The service is great. The staff is always helpful and courteous. Great job Sanor Insurance."

    Sue Meyers, Leetonia, OH

  • "We have had our insurance with Sanor Insurance for many years. They handle our home, auto and business accounts with courteous, professional service. We call with questions and they provide the answers. All their staff is topnotch! Thanks so much Sanors!"

    Wayne & Doreen Smith, Lisbon, OH

  • "Always great, dependable service with quick response and no unnecessary delay when needed."

    Roy G. Szanny, Salem, OH

  • "I have had auto coverage with Sanor Insurance since 2007. I recently had an accident with my truck on a Sunday. By Thursday of the same week, my claim was settled. Donna and David were extremely helpful with information during this stressful time. The adjuster Sanor Insurance had provided was the best. Great service and caring people."

    Bruce R. Blankenship, Salem, OH

  • "Today's business world is too commercialized. It is our privilege to deal with hometown people that are also our friends and neighbors. We can be assured that when we deal with Sanor Insurance Agency, they have our needs and best interests at heart, and provide a product and service not available by national companies or the internet."

    Frederick and Donna White, Beloit, OH

  • "I am very happy to have such friendly, accessible help. Wish all of my accounts were managed by companies like Sanor."

    Terry Bowlin, Salem, OH.

  • "I have had very good coverage and service with Sanor Insurance since day one. David and Donna do a wonderful job. It is so nice to deal with them. Thank you!!!"

    Shirley Dragomier, Mineral Ridge, OH

  • "My wife and I carry life, home, automobile and catastrophe insurance with Erie Insurance through the Sanor Insurance Agency. We like receiving the multi-policy discount on premiums. We especially like the great service from the Sanors and the quick/fair claims processing from Erie Insurance. Thanks Again!"

    J. Mike Seidner, Lisbon, OH

  • "Been dealing with Sanor for over 30 years. Great People."

    Deborah Freudenberg, New Waterford, OH

  • "The Sanor's offer professional service and hometown friendliness. They take pride in our communities and offer great choices in the companies they do business with. They have my life, home and auto insurance. I will continue to trust them with all my insurance needs."

    Linda Eells, Lisbon, OH

  • "I have dealt with Sanor Insurance for many years. They are very thorough with their process. When you have a claim because of their meticulous applications, you totally know where you stand. Every item that needs to be covered is! My family had a large claim and we were very happy with the results. It was handled quickly and professionally. I give them a 5 Star rating!"

    Marilyn McCullough, Lisbon, OH

  • "I have been with this Insurance Co. for over 30 or more years. They have been fair in their cost of insurance. I've only had 2 or 3 small claims and they were very prompt in taking care of them."

    Dorothy Bennett, Salem OH

  • "We have been clients for more than 20 years. No one could be more courteous, efficient, professional and friendly. Thanks!

    Gene and Nancy Smith, Salem OH

  • "Our family switched to Sanor Insurance a few years ago. We dumped a couple of teenagers and assorted cars, trucks and hobby projects on them. I couldn't hardly keep them straight. Dave and Donna untangled everyone's rides and found us good coverage at the best rate."

    Virgil & Janie Wherry, Lisbon OH

  • "I would just like to say that the people at Sanor Insurance have always been kind, courteous and very good at taking care of all of my needs in regards to insurance."

    Karen A. Flenner, East Palestine, OH

  • " As always, excelllent customer service!"

    Frederick & Susan Mattix, Canfield, OH

  • " I've been with Sanor Insurance forever. The personal, professional service this company provides is priceless."

    Edwin Dolby, Poland, OH

  • "I have been with Sanor Insurance for 26 years. Donna and staff have always given excellent customer service and best rates bar none. Anytime I've had a claim, it was processed fast and correct. I would never go anywhere else for my insurance needs."

    Lloyd Morris, Beloit, OH

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