Whether It’s Home, Auto, Business, Or Life We’ve Got You Covered. Independent Agency Treats You Like Family, Gets You Great Coverage At The Best Value Possible!

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WARNING! Don’t Pay Too Much For Too Little Coverage! Free Coverage Review Exposes How You May Be Getting Inadequate, Lousy, Overpriced Coverage.

“ATTENTION – Make Unaffordable Monthly Premiums, Minimal Coverage, And Terrible Customer Service A Thing Of The Past!”

Whether It’s Home, Auto, Business, Or Life We’ve Got You Covered. Independent Agency Treats You Like Family, Gets You Awesome Coverage At a Great Value!

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of ridiculously high premiums and faceless service from anonymous call centers?

Are you extremely disappointed with the way your current provider treats you?

Do you feel that you should be getting more comprehensive coverage, at a better prices; from an independent agency you can actually trust…from people who have your best interests at heart?

If so, you are not alone!

Here’s the deal. 

If you utilize large, national insurance companies that advertise on TV, radio, online, basically everywhere…you may be getting hammered with excessive premiums and substandard coverage.

These insurance companies have agents that can only sell the very limited options their company offers. They are known as “Captive Agents”.

In general, using a captive agent can cost you a fortune in wasted money over the years

They can only quote you the product they have, which is normally not the best priced or suitable, meaning too little coverage for too much money. 

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Independent agents like us, however…can shop MULTIPLE companies for your coverage…almost always discovering the lowest priced plans with the highest coverage!

So think about it. Is it usually smarter to buy anything from a company that can only offer one or two options…versus a company that can freely shop and offer you multiple options…digging up the highest value for a great price?

See, captive agents can’t shop for you.

They cannot look for plans outside the offerings available from their own home office. And if the parent company decides to stop selling a particular product, they can’t sell it either.

If your premium is way high, and coverage too low…the captive agent will often try to pressure you into buying their weak offering anyway.  We see various tactics used by the big companies all the time to compete solely on price: eliminating or reducing  certain coverages, offering odd numbered limits of coverage, and our favorite, offering a “bare bones”, minimal coverage policy to accommodate the price sensitive buyer. Buyers walk away thinking they have “top shelf” coverage and are totally shocked when we review their policy and tell them it’s just the opposite.

What else can they do? They can only sell what the home office tells them to sell.

Regardless of how inappropriate or overpriced the plans are.

Why do they do this?  Well, because they really don’t care about you…they only care about making a sale and getting your money…

But, you don’t have to accept that!

There is a better way to get the coverage you deserve for you and your loved ones!

Just imagine how amazing it would be if your insurance provider treated you like family, made troubled situations easier to handle, and didn’t make you bend over backwards to get what you rightfully deserve!

Think how great it would be if:

  • You could have us shop multiple companies for your coverage…finding the absolute best deals captive agents can normally not even touch!
  • You didn’t have to pay ridiculous out of pocket costs for a claim because you had  improper coverage! (Many agents will sell you shamefully inadequate coverage in order to get their overpriced premiums down!)
  • You actually knew your agent, could get someone you know to answer the phone when you call, can explain everything to you in language you can understand…and works for YOU…instead of working for the home office!

These are just a few of the ways we’ll treat you better once you’re a part of the Sanor Insurance Family!

We can offer polices captive agencies simply AREN’T ALLOWED TO DO:

1. We’ll take you through our in-depth analysis to figure out which COMPANY, and which POLICY will best fit your needs to get you covered!

2. We’ll research multiple companies and markets to get the right policy for you!

3. We’ll present multiple proposals with multiple types of coverage and let you decide!  (You won’t be boxed in with one company’s policies!)

Our “ultimate” goal is to find you better coverage for less. 



Get clued in on all the ways Sanor Insurance can help you get the coverage you need knowing you got the best deal possible!

Stop letting the big guys treat you like you don’t matter!

The time is now to get the coverage, piece of mind, and happiness that comes along with working with real professionals who truly care about you and your loved ones!

Give us a call now to see how we can help you:  330-337-9557, or stop by our office.

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Mon:   9am – 5pm EST.
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Thur:  9am – 5pm EST.
Fri:      9am – 5pm EST.

Unfortunately, you never know when something could happen…but you can be prepared for it as best as possible by taking action ahead of time and making sure you are covered.

The time to get piece of mind is now. 
The time to get the proper coverage is now. 
The time to stop paying jaw dropping monthly premiums is now.
The time to get treated like a person instead of a number is now!

Sanor Insurance Can Help!

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

To your health & happiness,

David & Donna Sanor

Donna & David Sanor
Sanor Insurance Agency, Inc.

P.S.  Think how much you could save if you weren’t stuck at the mercy of one company and their premiums, think of how much better you’ll sleep knowing you have the right coverage, and how nice it would be to be treated like you matter…because you do!

Don’t waste another second.  Call us now while this is fresh on your mind: 330-337-9557.


5 stars


Q. How Much Does It Cost To Get Me Properly Covered?

A. It depends.  I know you don’t like hearing that answer, and no one does.  However, until we talk with you and go over all your wants, needs and concerns there is no way for us to provide a honest quote without knowing more about you and your situation.

So, please give us a call now at:
330-337-9557 to get the process started!

Q. What Types Of Carriers Will I Have Access To?

A. We work with some of the highest rated companies in the insurance industry to “shop” the best coverage and rates for you including: Erie Insurance, Progressive, Ohio Mutual, Dairyland, Foremost, Condon & Skelly are just a few of our companies. We also have access to many specialty/excess markets through Arlington/Roe.

Q. I’m also concerned about cancelling my current personal or business policy because it’s uncomfortable to call my current agent and tell them I’m leaving.

A. We can help you cancel you existing policy without the discomfort of having to explain yourself to your current agent.

Q. How Will You Treat Me Different Than The Big Companies?

A. Most big insurance companies will treat you like a number, and only care about collecting the premiums from you.  At Sanor Insurance we treat you how we would treat a family member.

We find out all your concerns, your budget, your income, etc. and then we put together a well thought out quote for you shopping multiple carriers, so you can make the best choice for you and your loved ones!

We actually care about what happens to you, and want to make sure you’re covered adequately in the event that something does happen.

We aren’t out to get the biggest commissions.  We want you properly COVERED!

Q. How much can you save me on my insurance?

A. The quick answer is-It Depends.  If you qualify, we may be able to save you up to 30% when you place your home, auto or life policy with us.

Q. I’m concerned about cancelling my current personal or business policy. Won’t I lose the money I’ve paid?

A. Most companies will refund your money on a cancelled policy on a “pro-rata” basis, meaning you only pay for the days the insurance was used/in force.

David and Donna Sanor

Local 330-337-9557
Toll Free 1-888-728-9114 


WARNING! Don’t Pay Too Much For Too Little Coverage! Free Coverage Review Exposes How You May Be Getting Inadequate, Lousy, Overpriced Coverage.