The cost of life insurance policies in Lisbon differs and depends on several factors.  Sex, medical history, profession, location, and age are a few examples of the factors that are considered. Putting some safeguards in place and eliminating bad habits or improving your lifestyle can result in lower rates.

Common Factors That Can Raise the Cost of Your Life Insurance Policies In Lisbon

Obesity:  On its own, obesity doesn’t result in an increase in premium rates, but because it often results in diabetes and/or heart problems, it is considered a major determining factor when estimating insurance premiums.  If your BMI is even marginally over what is considered to be in a healthy range, the rates for your life insurance policies in Lisbon will reflect this.

Smoking: You may think that you won’t get caught if you lie about smoking when you’re applying for life insurance. However, if you lie to your insurer, your loved ones may be left with nothing. And they don’t typically differentiate – it could be cigarettes, cigars, nicotine-suppression products, or chewing tobacco. An insurer may even consider you a smoker if you use e-cigarettes.

Other medical conditions: Anything that indicates a history of ill health will be negative to your insurance premium.  The appraiser will investigate your family history because some particular ailments like diabetes have been known to pass on through genetic or hereditary means.

Profession: Careers with a higher amount of risk will almost always result in extra fees when purchasing your life insurance policies in Lisbon, but how much will depend on the insurance carrier. An agent can help you select the company that will be most favorable to your career profile. You could also be assigned a table rating, which would elevate your premiums a particular percentage over the standard rate.

Driving records: An individual’s driving record is typically taken into consideration when computing life insurance rates. If the individual has a tendency to violate traffic laws, it is assumed that he or she is a bigger risk in terms of life expectancy and the premium rates will be affected.  The more inoffensive violations (like parking tickets) won’t usually have an effect on your insurance policies in Lisbon, but more serious offenses will.

Extracurricular activities: Many people might question what hobbies and sports have anything to do with life insurance. What we view as enjoyable extracurricular activities, insurers often consider being risk factors. Some hobbies and sports are deemed to be more dangerous than others, and because of this, life insurance companies may take a negative view toward them.

Shopping for insurance can be confusing, but we can help! If you have questions regarding life insurance policies in Lisbon – or would like a quote on new coverage – call us today to schedule a consultation.