Do you like your clothes, furniture, electronics, and the rest of your belongings? How about your money? If you do, and if you rent your home, you need renters insurance in Salem OH. Without it, all those nice things you bought with your hard-earned cash could disappear from a burglary or fire/water damage.

Many renters think their personal possessions will be automatically covered by the landlord’s insurance policy-NOT TRUE!

Need further convincing? Following are eight things you might not know about renting and renters insurance.

1. Renters insurance can cover your belongings outside your home. If you’re familiar with renters insurance, you probably already know that even the most basic plans cover most of your personal property (limitations may apply). But did you know that in some cases renters insurance also protects your belongings when you take them out of your home? If your laptop is stolen from your hotel room or your bicycle is stolen from the bike rack, they may still be covered since renters insurance covers theft.

2. Renters insurance in Salem OH can protect items in your car. While your renter’s insurance won’t cover the cost of any damage done to the car itself, personal belongings (see your policy for specifics) kept in your car are usually covered.

3. It’s a good idea to catalog your belongings in case of emergency. Should you be the victim of a break-in or fire, you’ll want to have an inventory of your personal belongings. There are apps that allow renters to take and store photos of all your items so you’ll know exactly what needs to be replaced. Another good idea is to keep the original receipts with serial numbers of high ticket items off-site to prove ownership. This will go a long way at claims time.

4. You can purchase additional insurance coverage for your valuables. For high-value items, such as an engagement ring or other jewelry, art, musical instruments, or cameras, you might want to consider purchasing additional coverage for those items easily lost or stolen.  This will not only give you peace of mind within your home but may cover you in the event that you lose or misplace the item.

5. Your renter’s insurance can protect you from a lawsuit. Renters insurance in Salem OH doesn’t just cover your stuff, it also protects you (up to the coverage limits) if a guest is accidentally injured in your home or if you happen to burn down the entire apartment building due to your negligence.

6. Your renter’s insurance can cover injuries inflicted by your pet. The liability coverage of many renters insurance policies also extends to injuries inflicted by your pet. Of course, there are exceptions to this coverage, including dog breeds that are considered to be high-risk, and every policy is different, so check the details of your policy.

7. It can be an antidote for your accident-prone child. With many renters insurance policies, liability coverage extends to damage caused by you and any other insured persons in your household. If your child throws a baseball through the neighbor’s window, for instance, or your bathtub leaks into the downstairs apartment, your insurance policy can help cover the cost of the repairs.

8. Your policy may help you through a tough time. Should your home be rendered unlivable due to fire, smoke, or water damage (this will vary by policy), your renter’s insurance policy will help cover some reasonable living expenses you incur by moving into temporary housing. This can include hotel bills and potentially increased food costs—if, for instance, your hotel room has no kitchen and you’re forced to order takeout instead.

Having certain insurance coverages in place may not only help protect you and your belongings – renters insurance in Salem OH is a must have and will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safety net in place – just in case.

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