According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, there are approximately 8.4 million motorcycles on the road in the U.S. And in 2011, about 81,000 motorcycle riders and passengers suffered injuries. With statistics like that, it’s clear how important it is to have proper motorcycle insurance coverage in Salem OH.

Fortunately, insuring your motorcycle doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Let’s look at some of the most effective ways to get inexpensive motorcycle insurance:

1. Enroll in a training course. You may be able to get a discount on your motorcycle insurance by completing training courses aimed at helping you become a safer rider. Motorcycle training courses are an especially good choice for riders who’ve had an accident or who are new to riding.

2. Become a “preferred customer.” Preferred customers are motorcycle riders with clean driving records. A clean driving record is one with no or very few accidents, tickets, or other violations going back at least 5 years. The definition of clean driving record may vary by insurance company. Make sure you know what’s on your driving record and ask your provider if you qualify. Most insurance companies offer significant benefits and discounts for those who qualify for a preferred motorcycle policy.

3. Tailor the coverage provided by your motorcycle insurance in Salem OH.

Make sure you buy motorcycle insurance that reflects the ways you actually use your bike. For example, if you only take your bike out on occasional sunny weekends, your motorcycle insurance should be different than it would be for someone who rides many miles to work every day. Be sure your agent knows about your riding habits so they can get the right coverage for you.

If you store your bike during the winter, ask about a “lay-up period” that remove most coverages but keeps basic comprehensive coverage during the months you won’t be riding.

4. Tap into your network. If you belong to any motorcycle associations or organizations, you could score a discount of 10% or more on some motorcycle insurance costs.

5. Ask about age-related discounts. Many companies that sell motorcycle insurance in Alliance offer lower rates for more mature riders, especially when those riders have a history of safe riding. Some discounts can kick in when riders are relatively young (late 20s), while others won’t kick in until around middle age.

6. Adjust your deductible. Higher deductibles mean the insurance company assumes less risk, which allows you to lower the premium on your motorcycle insurance policy. If you can afford it, consider a higher deductible, but make sure you have funds put away to cover your costs in the event of an accident.

7. Choose the right bike. Some motorcycles are perceived as being “riskier” when it comes time to write an insurance policy. Unless your heart is set on one of those models, choose a cruising bike or other style that insurance companies favor.

8. Shop around. It used to be that only a few major insurance carriers offered motorcycle insurance in Alliance, but today, it’s a buyer’s market. If you haven’t comparison-shopped, now is the time to do it.  Just be sure you’re comparing similar products when looking at cost differences.

9. Check your credit score. Bad credit doesn’t just affect your ability to get a loan; it can also have an impact on your insurance premiums. If you find your credit score is low, work to raise it and monitor your status regularly. As your score rises, you may find your premiums lower.

Opportunities to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance in Alliance are all around you. Taking just a little time now to research the cost-cutting options that are available can yield big savings down the road.

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