5 Things To Know About Personal Watercraft Insurance in Salem OH

watercraft insurencePopular waterways are the central hub of personal watercrafts (PWCs). Aficionados know that preparation is crucial to staying safe on the water.
There is a way to add an additional layer of protection, and that’s protecting your PWC with watercraft insurance in Salem OH.

It’s important to be sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for your PWC, especially since your homeowners or auto insurance policies typically won’t cover them or, if they do, the coverage may be limited.

Here are five factors every consumer should consider when purchasing personal watercraft insurance in Salem OH.

Get specific PWC insurance policy. Most of these PWC policies will cover bodily injury, property damage and medical payments. They typically include deductibles for property damage, theft and medical payments. Most policies include liability limits, which fluctuate by state. Liability coverage typically provides financial protection in the event that you are liable as a result of a covered accident.

Each PWC needs to be insured. If you own several PWCs, each one will need to be insured with watercraft insurance in Salem OH, but may not require its own policy, as some boat insurance policies can be built to cover personal watercraft as well. Be sure to check with your agent to review your options.

Review your policy carefully. Most PWC policies provide coverage whether you are operating the vessel yourself or you loan it to someone else. Although the facts and circumstances of each case must be evaluated based upon the applicable laws and policy language, in most cases, regardless of who is operating it, you would be covered for the following:

  • Damage to another craft or dock;
  • Bodily injury or death to another person due to your negligence;
  • The negligence of another driver while using your PWC;
  • Towed water skiers or wakeboarders who become injured while using your craft;
  • Physical damage to the hull, machinery and equipment;
  • Injury caused by an uninsured watercraft operator.

Because some coverages for watercraft insurance in Salem OH are optional and must be added on, be sure to read your policy carefully to be certain you are getting the coverage you need.

Not every policy covers everything. Depending on your insurer, you might not be covered for everything. A PWC that has been altered to enhance speed and performance is typically not covered.

Consider coverage extras on your watercraft insurance in Salem OH.
Other coverage areas you should obtain more information about include:

  • If your policy will cover the replacement cost of personal items that are lost or damaged while on board;
    If your policy will replace the actual cash value of your PWC if it is damaged during use;
  • Roadside assistance in case your tow vehicle or trailer is damaged or disabled;
  • If your policy covers costs of raising and removing your PWC if it sinks.

Be prepared this summer by getting a quote for personal watercraft insurance in Salem OH and making sure your PWC is covered for damage, and medical payments.

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7 Items To Consider Before You Buy Business Insurance Policies In Alliance

business insurenceAs business owners begin looking for small business insurance policies in Alliance, they may be confused by the number of options. It can be overwhelming, especially for those who’ve never purchased coverage before.

Here are seven tips to keep in mind while shopping for business insurance policies in Alliance. They will help you meet legal requirements, minimize your exposure to risk, and save you money.

1. Understand your legal obligations. Not everyone is required to purchase insurance for their small business, but some are, depending on their industry, state laws, or other requirements. Business owners should research the legal obligations for their area and industry to ensure they have proper coverage.

2. Know the risks associated with your industry. Every industry is different, and so are the risks that a business owner might face. By carefully evaluating the risks they are most likely to experience in their industry, business owners can ensure they are purchasing the appropriate coverage to protect them.

3. Prioritize coverage over cost. It’s important to realize that while business insurance is an added expense, it plays a crucial role in protecting businesses from serious financial damage. It can be tempting for budget-conscious business owners to pick the cheapest policies they can find, but that could leave them exposed to greater financial risk. Cheaper policies are priced that way for a reason.

4. Only work with top-rated insurance providers. One way to ensure that you are purchasing coverage from an insurance company you can trust is by looking at its rating. Ideally, you should look for insurance companies with at least an “A” rating who have a reputation for offering reliable coverage, prompt payouts, and consistent terms. They are top-tier in the industry and have a reputation for the quality of their products. Experienced agents can also help save you money by bundling or providing packaged policies.

5. Review your business insurance policy thoroughly. Business insurance policies in Alliance vary widely from carrier to carrier, each with its own limits, premiums, deductible, and exclusions. Taking the time to read and understand a policy before purchasing it can help business owners ensure that there are no gaps in coverage. You may wish to consider doing this with an experienced insurance attorney or licenced insurance agent.

6. Consider the deductible. Most business insurance policies in Alliance include a deductible. Business owners may be tempted to choose a policy with a higher deductible in order to pay a lower premium. But if they ever need to file a claim, a high deductible might be more than their business can afford to pay.

7. Overestimate your insurance needs. If your business is ever sued, the litigation process can be financially devastating. Even if a lawsuit is dismissed, it can still cost your business thousands of dollars in legal fees. That’s why it’s best to buy more than the minimum insurance coverage if you can, because you never know when you might need that extra protection. One way to make sure you have adequate protection is with commercial umbrella insurance.

The process of buying small business insurance policies in Alliance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. By investing some time upfront to research your obligations and risks, and by working with a licensed agent, business owners can feel confident they are receiving the right coverage from a top-rated carrier at a reasonable rate.

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Who Typically Buys Life Insurance Policies in Alliance?

life-Insurance-PoliciesHumans are psychologically programmed for instant gratification. So, who buys life insurance policies in Alliance? Let’s be honest, it’s not the average American searching for instant gratification, or someone looking to make a fun and exciting purchase. But not buying life insurance could be one of the worst mistakes that you ever make.

People Who Need It, Buy It

Life insurance is much more of a needs-based purchase. Unfortunately, some people will only buy life insurance when they need it. In fact, it’s such an afterthought, most people don’t even consider it.

When approaching the younger generations about purchasing life insurance policies in Alliance, it wouldn’t be unusual to be met with skepticism. But the truth is, they may be the generation who needs it most. This is why there are companies that offer whole life insurance for young adults.

But the opposite seems to hold true. Elderly people are much closer to their expiration, and this produces an urgency to begin researching life insurance policies in Alliance. And while it’s still leveraging your money for burial or final expenses, it’s not the best time to buy.

When Do People Typically Buy Life Insurance Policies In Alliance?

Most people need to purchase life insurance policies for a wide range of reasons, some of which include a new house, career, loan, spouse or baby.

The need stems from some sort of new obligation, opportunity, or long-term expense. The fact is that when a major life event happens, you hold a higher level of financial responsibility to someone, whether it be an obligation of repayment or a replacement value.

The Psychology of Buying Life Insurance Policies in Alliance

The majority of life insurance purchases come from two frames of mind – emotion and necessity. Even if someone has just gotten married, purchased a new house, found the next great job, or just had a baby, it doesn’t mean they are immediately going to start to shop for life insurance. But these important life events do create a sense of need, which might at least get the consumer in the state of mind to protect what they now have.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Aside from realizing that you NEED life insurance, the next biggest consideration is deciding how much you need. There are several different factors that you have to account for when you’re computing your life insurance needs. If you have a new home, you’ll need to get a policy that is sizeable enough to pay off the mortgage if you were to pass away.

If you’re the main source of income in your family, what would your loved ones do financially if anything tragic were to happen to you?

There is no magic number for how much life insurance you should buy because it varies from circumstance to circumstance. This is a discussion best held with an experienced, licensed insurance agent.

You can’t wait until you need it to buy it – it has to happen now – because no one can predict the future. You have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, but you can always protect your family against the worst today with life insurance coverage in Alliance.

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How to Choose Commercial Business Insurance for Your Company


Commercial business insurance protects you from any unforeseen circumstances that could affect your company. It can generically refer to three types of commercial insurance, which includes property insurance for your equipment and office premises, workers’ compensation to cover your employees’ medical costs if they get hurt while at work, and commercial general liability insurance for damage to a third party.

On the other hand, generic commercial business insurance can also just mean commercial general liability coverage. So if you’re buying a commercial insurance policy, it’s ALWAYS best to clarify exactly what types of insurance coverage are included.

When Do You Need Commercial General Liability Insurance?

The short answer is…most likely…yes…it’s almost always a good idea. Regardless of what kind of business you’re running, commercial general liability insurance covers court costs, settlement costs, and medical damages if you’re sued by a third party.

  • A commercial general liability insurance policy can help cover your business for cases like these:
  • If a customer is injured on your property or has their property damaged by you or your employee
  • If your products hurt someone or damaged their property;
  • If someone sues you for damages or medical costs;
  • If you use a client’s photo in your advertising and they sue you for copyright infringement.

Commercial Property Insurance is important if you have an office with computers and office furniture. If you’re an independent contractor without anyone working for you, you likely don’t need workers’ compensation.

How to Choose a Commercial Business Insurance Policy

Commercial insurance coverage for small business is never the same for every business because each one is unique. Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure that you buy commercial insurance coverage that is best for your business.

Find out what you need. You likely need workers’ compensation coverage if you are a contractor with employees. You may need to buy a business policy with business personal property insurance if you’re a professional photographer and have lots of expensive equipment.

Know what your policy covers. It’s not always clear what is included in a commercial liability policy, so it’s important to review it carefully (ideally with your knowledgeable insurance agent!!) and asks questions if something isn’t clear. Never be afraid to ask questions!

Compare policies. It’s best to get multiple commercial insurance quote proposals so that you can compare the coverages and premiums as well as what is not included. You should do this with a licensed insurance professional. Think about whether you prefer to have a large deductible so that you can pay a smaller premium or the other way around. It makes a big difference at claims time, but remember, coverage is truly the most important consideration, not price.
What good does it do to save money by taking a bare-bones coverage policy only to find out that the coverage you needed all along isn’t included in the policy!

Whatever policy you choose, review your insurance at least once a year to confirm that it still meets your needs and operations. You might need to increase your level of coverage or add another type of coverage protection.

What to Look for in a Commercial Business Insurance Provider

When you purchase a Commercial insurance policy, it’s best to go to an insurance provider who has years of experience in dealing with entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself, or one who specializes in working with small businesses.
Finally, one of the most important parts to getting commercial business insurance is having all of your business insurance policies with the same company and if possible, with the same agent. This helps reduce coverage gaps and also helps speed up the claims process as insurers will look at all policies in force to see where coverage will come from in case of a claim.

Wondering if your business is properly insured?

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Our Best Advice About Personal Auto Insurance in Salem OH

Our Best Advice About Personal Auto Insurance in Salem OH

Auto insurance should not be considered too expensive when it is the RIGHT coverage at the BEST price and it’s there for you when you need it. You can get personal auto insurance in Salem OH that is affordable when you follow a few tips. The range of criteria that insurance companies use to determine your rates is extensive.

Following are some considerations to keep in mind.

If you have an accident and need to file an insurance claim, remember that insurance companies love documentation. Taking pictures with your cell phone is very helpful in recording any damage that results in a claim being filed. It can also be beneficial to keep a camera in your vehicle to be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Be sure to get quotes from multiple providers for your personal auto insurance in Salem OH. Rates can differ drastically, so to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, make it a point to shop new quotes at least once per year.

Don’t forget to remove drivers from your policy if they have moved or gotten their own insurance. Once your child has gotten a personal policy, he/she can be removed from your plan for a significant reduction in your premium.

When you are dealing with infractions on your record that affect the rates you are being offered for personal auto insurance in Salem OH, explore your options. Some insurance companies allow you to lower your rate after completing a course that addresses tickets or accidents. Today’s technology also allows some insurance companies to install an electronic chip in your vehicle that will track your driving to reward safe driving.

Maintain a detailed record of any improvements or accessorising that you purchase for your car. If there is accident damage, or something is stolen, your insurance company will need this in order to cover you. If the additions are particularly pricey, check with your insurance agent to make sure your plan will cover them, in case of loss.

Getting married is one of the many ways a man under 25 can receive lower insurance premiums. When getting married, some couples saved nearly 40% on the premiums for their personal auto insurance in Salem OH. So, if you want cheaper insurance, now may be as good a time as any to get hitched.

Your insurance agent should ask a series questions to find out what insurance coverage discounts you may qualify for. If you want to spend as little as possible on personal auto insurance in Salem OH, you want to make sure you are getting all the discounts you can.

Car insurance rates vary from state to state and even cities in those states. Different states and cities have different requirements and different premiums. If you are considering a move, you might want to check out the insurance rates in that city first.

Affordable personal auto insurance in Salem OH is not as rare as you may have thought. Call our office today so we can ask the questions and discuss ways to save you money on your insurance premiums.

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