Although manufactured homes, once referred to as mobile homes, are constructed in a factory and moved to a chosen location, they aren’t that much different from a single-family home, even when it comes to insurance. So whether you live in your seasonally or year-round, it’s important to protect your home with mobile homes insurance in Salem OH.

What is a manufactured home?
Mobile homes and manufactured homes are essentially the same. A manufactured home is primarily built in a factory and then shipped to a predesignated location. Before 1976, this kind of property was referred to as a mobile home. In June of 1976,  the Housing and Urban Development division of the federal government released new building codes and changed the official name of the buildings to manufactured homes. The two terms are still used interchangeably throughout the country.

What is a mobile home?
A mobile home is a large house-type trailer that has been parked in one specific place and utilized as permanent housing.

Are manufactured homes mobile?
Once it reaches its predesignated site, a manufactured home is meant to be used as a permanent residence.

Are manufactured homes permanent?
Even though manufactured homes are moveable, they are meant to be a permanent place of residence once they are parked on their predesignated sites.

Do you need mobile homes insurance in Salem OH?
Similar to home insurance, Mobile Homes Insurance in Salem OH mandatory.

Is it harder to finance the purchase of a manufactured home?
There are many more risks associated with owning a mobile home than there are with owning a traditional site-built home. For instance, their life span isn’t as long as traditional homes and they require more maintenance. For this reason, it can be more difficult to finance a mobile home.

How much mobile homes insurance in Salem OH do I need?
The amount of insurance you’ll require is dependent on the value of your home, any attachments there are to the property, and any special features you may have.

What factors can affect manufactured home insurance premiums?

  • Home features, materials used, and age
  • Coverage deductibles and amounts
  • Where the mobile home is located
  • The homeowner’s credit rating
  • Any pets that are living in the household

Can I get mobile homes insurance in Salem OH for my older home?
There is no age limit when ensuring a manufactured home.

What does replacement cost refer to?
This is the predetermined value of your mobile home that the insurance provider is willing to pay for damage or loss.

How is the market value determined?
Market value is the value of your mobile home and is relative to the prices of mobile homes in the same market.

What is the actual cash value?
This value is the determined cash worth of your mobile home.

Whether you refer to your home as a manufactured home or a mobile home, we can help you find the best mobile homes insurance in Salem OH at the lowest available rate. Call us today and let us make the entire process fast and easy.