Why Choose Us

15 Reasons To Choose us Now!

1) Paying TOO MUCH? We can help you save on your insurance!

2) In-Office Payments & Online Payments accepted!

3) ONE-STOP shopping for you- we represent TOP rated companies and shop the market for you. We have some of the VERY best companies for auto, home, commercial and life insurance in the country!!!

4) We do the shopping for you! We get the best value for your insurance dollar!

5) 5 Star “Award Winning” Client Service (like personal service used to be)

6) LICENSED experience to protect you!

7) 34 years locally in business

8) Phone calls are returned! Client claim matters responded to the SAME BUSINESS DAY!

9) Employees held accountable – Always!

10) “LIVE” people answering your phone calls, not automated operators!

11) Client referral “Rewards” program

12) Owners personally train your protection team (Staff/ Team leaders)!

13) We donate to local charities, youth sports organizations and animal organizations.

14) We care about the community we live in and support it!

15) NO pressure- NO hassle!

What Makes Sanor Insurance Different From Other Insurance?

We Ask A Lot Of Questions
We believe that questions are one of the most important tools for learning-so we ask enough to be able to accurately and effectively assess your coverage exposures and needs to provide a customized insurance solution, not a one size fits all quote, like most agents.

We Listen
We take time to research solutions and get a clear understanding of the risk involved and how to best eliminate or at least minimize the risk involved. With most  insurance agents, you get a very one-sided, hard sell, conversation.

We Concentrate On Fundamentals
We understand that as in life, fundamentals of insurance are important to learn and adhere to.

We Have The “Do It Right Attitude”
We don’t lie or “fudge” risk details, exagggerate, or omit information to get business written and placed “on the books” to meet company production requirements. Most agents are happy to manipulate the quoting information, give extra, unearned  discounts  or turn a “blind eye”. We need to be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

We Don’t’ Churn Out Cut Rate Price Quotes In Order To Sell Policies.
We’re not saying price isn’t an important factor when buying insurance, but it’s not the only one. We often see disturbing items on our competitor’s pages when folks bring them in for a quote – odd-numbered, mis-matched coverage amounts, missing or omitted coverages, low limits-in order to win a new client based on price. Insurance agents know how to manipulate variables when quoting to get the lowest price which is often how many insurance shoppers make their final buying decision. That’s a huge mistake!!!

They literally become “ insurance victims” without knowing it-until they have a claim!. By then, it’s too late!


Stop getting ripped off!!!

Request our Insurance Protection Kit and learn the “Insurance Insider Secrets” to buying insurance.

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why choose us

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- Own a home that is less than 20 years old that is well maintained?
- Have a clean driving record?